Gloed Amsterdam

Janne Mooij
Rombout Hogerbeetsstraat 109
1052 VW Amsterdam

Phone: 0031 (0)6-47208483      
Email: janne@gloedamsterdam.nl


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     When most of us were probably busy playing video games and watching television, Janne Mooij (1980) was already making her own clothes. After a small detour in theatre studies, she took the leap into starting her own business in 2001. What began with mostly latex clothing, soon evolved into allround costume and fashion design, with a great sense for the theatrical and imaginative. Unlike any other, Janne knows how to fill a stage and think larger than life: there are no small measures when it comes to letting it shine, shimmer and glow. GLOED was born to embody all of those qualities. 
     Though mostly self-taught and always evolving her skills, Janne chose to refine her artistic and conceptual skills at Rietveld Art Academy, graduating in Fashion Design in 2008. Since then, she has continued to acquire new skills, such as welding, textile printing, and spray painting. With every assignment, as well as in her own creations, she will look for new challenges and inventive solutions. It's all about imagination and making it happen. She is able to work on a large scale and in detail at the same time. 
     In 2014 GLOED joined forces with Production Talent Marije Rokebrand to conquer the festival and entertainment market with their joint company House of Cherries. Keep posted through the links provided  here or at the bottom of this page. Or contact Janne directly through the details on your left. See you at GLOED!