A piece for every occasion

Just a tip-of-the-iceberg impression of what's in storage at GLOED. For more information and rental options, just contact us.
 Fanfare  Bubbelicious  Red  Fanfare  Mirror  Japanese Warrior
 60s Space
 Black Mohawk
 Green Mohawk
 Spaceballs  Black Mohawk
 Black Bow
 Meerkat  One Eye
 Grasshopper  Flowerhead  Origami Red
 Origami Blue
 Dia de Muertos
 Pink Showgirl
 Wrestling Mask
 Pink Bambi
 Blue Bambi
 Yellow Bambi
 White Swan
 Balaclava  Polar Bear
 Skai Mohawk
 Helmet with light
 Scary Grandpa
 Smiley  Pink Cutlery
 Maleficent  Dia de Muertos
 Bohemian Band
 Bohemian Band  Bohemian Band
 Pink Feather
 Wester Tower
 Red Skull
 Goddess of
 the Jungle
 God of
 the Jungle
 Diving Helmet

Prizes are variable and ex BTW
Payment in full (plus deposit or id card as garant) at pick up.
Duration of rental 48 hrs.